Finding the Best Hosting Company for Your Website

You’ve seen commercials telling you it’s as easy as click, snip, snap, BAM you have a website! It’s easier than tying your shoes! Start your online business today! Well… all of these companies that advertise this stuff to you have their own systems that, if you’ve been in the industry for any amount of time, you’ve learned to steer clear away from. There are many, I repeat MANY “website hosting companies” that simply shouldn’t be in business and give the whole “making money online” thing a bad name.

Below are three recommendations for various hosting companies based on your current business size and strategy.

Phase One – Website Hosting for Start-Ups & Affiliates

When you’re just starting out online, you either have an existing business, product or service you want to sell online, an entertaining or valuable content resource to keep visitors coming back or nothing at all and just want to dive in and learn how to make money online. We’ll get into those topics in other posts, but for the sake of this section of this article, if you’re just starting out, you don’t need a whole lot, but in the hosting world, you can be easily oversold a bunch of stuff you don’t need or that simply won’t help.

  1. BlueHost – The Best Shared Hosting Company, Period. 100% USA Web Hosting $6.95
  2. HostGator – Second Only to BlueHost for Value and Ease-of-Use
  3. GoDaddy – Listed for their sheer dominance and super fast servers
    Web Hosting with cPanel - only $1 / month from GoDaddy

Phase Two – Established Online Business Experiencing Growth

  1. BlueHost – The Best Shared Hosting Company, Period. 100% USA Web Hosting $6.95
    If you are growing but don’t sell more than 100,000 products, BlueHost is still the best option. Sign up for their Cutting-Edge VPS Hosting at Reduced Prices and get the best hosting for your growing budget.
  2. HostPapa – 100% Green Energy High Performance VPS Hosting
    HostPapa 100% Green Energy Web Hosting
  3. – High Performance VPS & Dedicated Hosting

Phase Three – Enterprise / Big Business Cloud Solutions

  1. Rackspace – The #1 Managed Cloud Hosting Company

    Join the likes of more than 60% of the Fortune 100 List by choosing rackspace as your cloud hosting provider.
  2. Server Pronto – Scalable Cloud Hosting